Thursday, March 8, 2012

The 2012 Pearl Izumi Team Summit

Over the past couple of days I had the unique opportunity, for the second year in a row, to travel to Boulder, Colorado and partake in the Peal Izumi Ultra Running Team Summit.  An opportunity for team members and sponsors to meet, mingle, and learn.

The camp's objectives were clearly set forth:
1.       Build Team camaraderie
2.       Provide a format for the athletes and Product Line Managers to get to know each other and work together
3.       Capture video and still shots for 2012 content
4.       Drive PR by inviting key editors for a portion of the camp

Chautauqua, Boulder, CO.  The setting of the Team Summit at the foot of the Flatirons.

First things first.  I felt it imperative, since I've heard so much about it, to get to the summit of Green Mountain for the first time in my life.  Early Monday morning I met Dylan Bowman, Timothy Olson, Jason Schlarb, Scott Jurek and run leader Tony Krupicka for my virgin journey up Green.  Here's Longs Peak captured from the slopes of Green Mountain in the early morning light. (photo by Scott Jurek)

Had I done my research I would have quickly discovered that I would be doing this (photo by Jeff Valliere).  I quickly discovered that screws alone didn't provide enough traction on Green's steep and VERY icy slopes.  Tony, seen here, and the others quickly left me for buzzard bait.  Thanks to Jurek who cajoled and ultimately convinced me to continue upwards.

Tim Olson, Jason Schlarb and Tony Krupicka (l to r) on the shoulder of Green Mountain.  (photo by Jurek)

Atop Green (8,144').  This was an epic climb.  Tony, myself, Jurek, Schlarb, Olson (l to r).  (photo and shadow by Bowman)

Looking back from where we had come.  It doesn't look that icy from down here.  (photo Jureker)

But, I digress, let's return to the summit.  Here we are at Pearl Izumi Headquarters in Louisville, CO.  Nick Clark (in orange) and Timothy Olson chat it up.  Dylan Bowman (in blue) and Scott Jaime (in green) stand behind.

Cassie King, our team liaison, gives us the lay of the land.

A very cool and colorful array of PI cycling jerseys.

What goes around comes around.  In 2000, I worked for this man, Scott Tucker, while at Montrail in Seattle.  Now I find myself working with him again as part of the Pearl Izumi Ultra Team.

Mike Thompson, Pearl's footwear project line manager, shows us the updates on the line.  I'm psyched to get my hands on the new and improved Peak 3's!

Kelly Emich does the same with the apparel.  The new Pearl Ultra clothing line looks sweet!

Leave it Pearl to shock you into purchasing their gear!

Tim shows off the new team jerseys.  Plaid is back!

I love this shot:  Running below the Flatirons. (photo by Bryon Powell)

Pearl Izumi's Ultra Running Team:  myself, Scott Jaime, Timothy Olson, Becky Wheeler, Nick Clark, Dylan Bowman, Ashley Nordell, and Darcy Piceu-Africa (l to r).  (photo by Powell)

Photo shoot action:  Ashley shows us how it's done. (photo by Powell)

Orange you glad I didn't say banana!?  (photo by Powell)

The men's team.  Mmmmm, green M&M's.  (photo by Bryon Powell)

Nick Clark's turn in front of the camera. (photo by Powell)

On the set.  What a beautiful day!  (photo by Powell)

Tim shows off a little more than the women's shrug.  We know you want one too!

Showing off some of the new Pearl Izumi Ultra apparel line.  (photo by Bryon Powell)

Your Moment of Zen

Since Zoroaster missed out on the racing in Moab and had to stay home while I played in Boulder, I thought it only fair that she get some face time.  Rewind to 2009 when I discovered that not only did she love to run, but that she also knew all of the newest stretching techniques. 


pranaglider said...

"new and improved Peak 3's" you say

Timmy Olson said...

Excellent! Always a great time hanging with you. Shake n bake baby.
See you at the Nut.

Jana said...

Sounds like you needed to bring Steck's equipment up Green! Looks like you all had a fun time. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

IT was a great summit, with great people.. Love that FE is on board fueling the team!

AJW said...


Great photo with Scott Tucker. Truly a blast from the past. Brings back memories of Dave, Ben, and the Montrail Jura! Remember that one?