Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuck in a Rut? Can't Get Out the Door?

Perhaps a little motivation will help.  Here's my newest installment over at Running Times Trails Online:  Maintaining Your Mind Motor.  Read a few tips on how to stay motivated when the going gets rough.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run Hits the Ground Running!

Check out all your race day information over here on the Rogue Valley Runners' blog.  It shares the live web-cast link, newspaper story links and weather info!  We're all excited for a great weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run - Course Beta Part 3

(Miles 31 to 52)

Garmin data for these miles, less the lap around Squaw Lake.

After leaving Seattle Bar Aid Station (mile 31) runners are presented with the climb to Stein Butte.

After the 2.5 mile climb and once up on the ridge, things just keep getting better.

Tim Olson and Zoroaster cross the meadows below Stein Butte.

Applegate Lake as seen from Stein Butte.

Atop Stein Butte.

The start of the Elliott Ridge Trail (aka "The Roller-coaster").  Mile 36.

Photos do no justice.  But this is looking down one of the descents on "The Roller-coaster".

Location of the Stein Butte Aid Station (Mile 37).

Descending the Summit Lake Trail (where you'll lose 2,000' in 2.5 miles) on the way down to Squaw Lake.

Summit Lake Trailhead.

Location of the Squaw Lake Aid Station (Mile 42).

Squaw Lake.

Kilgore Gulch Road.  Mile 46.

The location of French Gulch Divide Aid Station & Little Grayback Trailhead (mile 47).

Ascending Little Grayback Trail.

Views from Little Grayback.

Getting higher!

Mule Mountain.  The course doesn't go over it, but when you see it you'll know you're a quarter mile from the Squaw Peak (Hanley Gap) Aid Station (mile 52).

Your Moment of Zen

Unfortunately, aid stations will not be stocked with Oregon's most medicinal plant.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run - Course Beta Part 2

The next installment of P2P100 Course beta--

Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run (miles 52 to 83)
Course maps can be found on the race website here.

Location of the Squaw Peak (Hanley Gap) Aid Station (miles 52 & 53.5).  Runners will pass through twice, summiting Squaw Peak in between.

Looking down on Squaw Lake from the slopes of Squaw Peak.

Looking across the course:  Squaw Peak (4,963', with summit building) sits on the right.  Runners will summit the peak.  Little Grayback Mountain sits to the left.  Runners will follow a trail along it's slopes from Frenchman Gulch Aid Station (mile 47).  Squaw Peak (Hanley Gap) Aid Station sits in the saddle between the two.

FS Road 2010 cuts across the slopes:  The six-mile link between Squaw Peak Aid and Squaw Creek Gap Aid.

Location of Squaw Creek Gap Aid Station (mile 60).  Intersection of FS Road 2015 and FS Road 20.

This is true, but its really not that bad.

Dutchman Peak ridge-line.  Dutchman's summit (7,415') is the peak on the far left.  This is the course's highest point.  The aid station will be located in the low saddle on the far right.

Location of the Dutchman Peak Aid Station (miles 65 & 67).  Pacers will pick up their runners here.

Jackson Gap:  Looking back to the Red Buttes Wilderness Area.

Pilot Rock:  As Seen from Jackson Gap (mile 68).

The 20 Road:  Looking back towards Jackson Gap.

The Scenic Siskiyou Crest.

Views of Mt. Shasta from the 20 Road (mile 69.5).

Wrangle Gap Shelter (mile 70)

Looking down the Glade Creek drainage from near Wrangle Shelter.

The descent from Wrangle Gap.  Here you're about three miles from Glade Creek Aid Station.

Glade Creek Aid Station (mile 78) location.  Junction of FS Rd 2250 & 2030.

Typical road surface as the runners ascend toward Wagner Gap Aid Station (mile 83).

Mile 80:  Brickpile Road (FS Rd 2250) crosses the Little Applegate River.

The last installment, miles 32 to 51, will be posted this weekend.

Your Moment of Zen...

Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate come race day.  Hopefully this little bugger is hanging course flagging and not eating it!