Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon Running at the Grand Canyon

The thought hadn't even occurred to me until Evan Reimondo suggested it:  A full moon waltz to the river and back.  The timing couldn't have been better.  Karl Jarvis and Evan piled in my truck and we headed to the Canyon for this 14 mile jaunt.

The South Rim faintly backlit by the full moon.

With the most difficult part of trip over, getting through the entrance station, we were ready to hit it!

Happy to be diving in again!

The first steps off the South Kaibab Trail.

Using the last few rays of sunlight to our advantage.


...and going.

The South Kaibab's tight switchbacks are enough to scare away any of those with vertigo.

Sunset at Ooh Aah Point.

Shadows and definition.

The full moon shows itself.

Darkness surrounded as we crossed the Black Bridge and the Colorado River.

The lights of Phantom Ranch's meal hall light up the night.

Step inside for cooler temps, some lemonade and Snickers.

These folks were partying!

Now you know exactly what you can get at Phantom:  Get a bed for the night for as much as a steak dinner, lotions but no raisins and tasty sack lunches.

Back out into the night, through the tunnel and up, up, up!

One step at a time.

Following Evan and Karl back out the South Kaibab.

Deer in the headlights at Tip Off.

Next up, Skeleton Point.

Cedar Ridge indicates the last mile and a half to the top.

The crew back on top at 12:30am.  (l to r) Karl Jarvis, Torrence, Evan Reimondo.

Your Moment Of Zen

The Canyon is difficult no matter how you cut it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

24 Hours on the Square

Last weekend Team Run Flagstaff hosted a 24 Hour Run on Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff, AZ.  They assembled two treadmills on the Square and kept them moving for 24 hours straight.  Treadmills were powered by club members and other guests from the community.  Each runner had a 20-minute window to do their part.  The Run started at 10am on Saturday, July 9th and ran until 10am on Sunday, July 10th.  It was great exposure for the club, an excellent way to fund-raise, promote running and a healthy Flagstaff lifestyle.  Here's a great article about the Run.  Thanks to Neil Weintraub for some of the following photos and video footage.

The Masterminds (left to right):  Chris Budwig, Sara Wagner & Mike Smith

Big names & special guests highlighted the day...

...night and following morning.

The entire matrix set out in 20 minute increments.

The scene on Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff, AZ.

Coach Jack Daniels, author of the Daniels' Running Formula, followed the Mayor of Flagstaff, Sara Presler, as the first two runners to kick things off.

Chris Budwig looks on as his daughter, Allie, is interviewed by Smith.

Ireland's Olympian and 1:00:57 half-marathoner Martin Fagan takes his turn.

Scotland's Olympic steepler and 2:13 marathoner Andrew Lemoncello steps up.

Team Run Flagstaff club member Mark Williams joins in.

Kellyn Johnson, a member of Team USA Arizona, and her family came to support.

I squeezed my 20 minutes in too.

Smith interviews NATRA's Neil Weintraub during his spin on the wheel.

Tony Mangine feeds Neil as he tires!

As the sun set, the rain, thunder, lightning and wind began.  It was of no matter as the treadmills continued to roll.

Video footage of the event.

Your Moment of Zen

Tip of the Day:  If you lack opposable thumbs eat your way into the center.