Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Chuckanut 50K

I was due for a trip back to the Pacific Northwest.  It was time to dump the desert sand from my shoes and replace it with some green moss, run in the mud and rain, slip around uncontrollably, and see some old friends.  The invitation to the 20th anniversary of the Chuckanut 50K was irresistible.  With roughly 550 runners finishing, 11 of those under 4 hours, and 80 under 5 hours this had to be one of the fastest and largest trail 50K's ever run on North American soil.  Congratulations and kudos to Krissy Moehl and Ellen Parker for putting together a successful event.  I'll let Bryon Powell do the talking:  Here's his excellent race summary over on iRunFar.

As usual, here's my summary in photos...Enjoy!

Finishing Chuck in 2005 in 9th place in 4:14.  Seven years later I'd end up in 65th place in 4:51. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

The 2012 race begins.  (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

The first and last six miles on the Interurban Trail (photo courtesy of City of Bellingham)

(l to r) Mike Wolfe, Max King, and Adam Campbell (the 2012 Chuckanut overall winner).  (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Classic Hal Koerner on his way to the party. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Pearl Izumi teammate Scott Jamie rolls on the Interurban and finishes in 4:08. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Fragrance Lake, roughly nine miles into the race. (photo courtesy of the Washington Trails Association)

On my way down the Two Dollar Trail from Fragrance Lake to Cleator Road. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Ellie Greenwood wins the 2012 Chuckanut 50K in course record time, 4:09. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

It was a pleasure to spend some trail time with Canadian Ryne Melcher. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

The view from on top. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

A glimpse of race day's trail conditions on the Chuckanut Ridge Trail, roughly mile 13. (Photo by Bryon Powell)

A good look at the Chuckanut Ridge Trail without the ice and snow.

North Lost Lake Trail on a warmer, drier day. (photo courtesy of the Washington Trails Association)

What Lost Lake (roughly mile 18) looks like on a sunny day had I looked to my left and hadn't had the fear of slipping and falling in the deep mud here.  (photo courtesy of the Washington Trails Association)

Starting up Chinscraper, mile 21. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Not afraid to use my hands. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

...and away! (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Pearl Izumi's Tim Olson, who finished 11th overall, runs up Chinscraper. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier Sage Canaday (2nd place finisher) finds Chinscaper a little slippery. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Dave Mackey (7th place) does Chinscraper in one giant step. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

Fellow Flagstaffian Sara Wagner wins the Women's Masters Division. (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)

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Shad said...

The photos really seem to capture the essence of the day Ian. Congratulations on your race.

RUNssel said...

Great post Ian. Looks like fun as always!

Ryne Melcher said...

Great album to paint the picture of the day!
Also great running with you for a few miles!
Happy trails,

Korey Konga said...

That was super cool! I'm from Seattle but just moved to Tucson. Never did chuckanut,but I think ill fly back next year and do it.
Thanks for that awesome recap! I thoroughly enjoyed it.