Monday, February 20, 2012

The 2012 Moab Red Hot 55K and 33K

A view from the Moab Red Hot course from around mile 22. (courtesy of Chris Hunter Imagery)

Bryon Powell does an excellent job of wrapping up the sixth annual Moab Red Hot 55K and 33K here.  The 33K acted as the second La Sportiva Mountain Cup Race of the season.  In all, 338 runners finished both races.  Numbers were up from last year, but the ideal running conditions may have had a lot to do with this.  A good day was had by all!  As usual, a photo recap of the event follows.

Sneaking up on the start line hoping it doesn't see me.  (courtesy of Erin Strout)

The start of the 55K.  (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Runners head off into the southeast Utah slickrock. (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Flagstaff 33K runners before their start (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Race Director Chris Martinez caught amidst the chaos of pre-race check-in.

Happy to be descending the final switchbacks to the finish.

The finish line oasis.

Robert Kunz (of First Endurance) and Karl Melter (coach and luge extraordinare)

Roch Horton (of Black Diamond) glad to be done.

Joel Axler's longest run ever!

Chris Purslow experienced, first hand, the ups and downs of an ultra, and held on for a great finish.

Robert Hall ready to take on 100 miles!?

Randi (33K'er) and Joel Axler (55K'er) share their day's toils.

Janel Lanphere happy after her 33K finish.

Jason Wolfe and Erin Strout support the Flagstaff crew.

DJ John Geiger spins the tunes at the finish line.

Jeremy Frehner (33K'er) is interviewed under the Ultraspire tent.

Krissy Moehl (Chuckanut 50K's race director) and Aric Manning (of Smith Optics)

Exchanging race day stories. (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Happy about a good run. (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Final finishers pass through the human tunnel.

The Flagstaff crowd at Eddie McStiffs.

Bernie Boettcher (men's master's 33K winner) and Kevin Koch (overall winner of the 55K) collect their hardware.

Hometown Awards

Rob Krar (overall winner and new 33K men's record holder) and Christina Bauer (second place in the women's 33K). (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Eric Bohn (second overall in the 55K) (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Sara Wagner (second in the women's master's 55K race) (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Jared Scott (second in the 33K) hugged by Director Martinez. (courtesy of Erin Strout)

Congratulations Everyone!


Scott McMurtrey said...

Looks like it was another great event down there. Thanks for sharing the photos.

jea said...

Where's my moment of Zen?

Ian said...

The Zen Moment will return! Poor Z-monster (the source of the all powerful Zen) was locked up all race day in Martinez' house...but have no fear, she's back on the prowl!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Sweet, that's my pic of Kevin and Bernie! Love all the other photos too. Thanks for sharing them. What a great weekend!

MoabUtah said...

Great post! May I repost it?

Ian said...

TiredMamaRunning- Thanks for the use of your photo!
MoabUtah - Be my guest.

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goSonja said...

Great Photos! It's such a great even, and we had an amazing day out there. Gorgeous!