Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 2012 Sedona Marathon: The Year of the Zombie

The story goes that a ghoulish tribe was to descend unto Sedona during the day of its namesake marathon...  

...however, all was quiet on race day morning...not a zombie in sight.

The polka band did play merrily and quelled all worries of possible zombie terror.

But something was amiss...

Aghast!  The legend held true!  The Zombies and their hell hounds did pillage Sedona.

Zombies of all shapes and sizes...

...awaited each hapless runner.  Would you like some brains with your water and gel?

The NATRA (Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association) Zombies did win Sedona Marathon's Best Aid Station Award!

Neil and David put on their frightening faces.

The Polka Katzen Band wasn't safe from Zombie demise...

...nor were the Arizona Rangers!

All ghoulishness aside:  Hats off to Flagstaff's Brian Tinder for his convincing Sedona Marathon victory.

Your Moment of Zen

Only when she awakens will she know it was all a bad dream.


Jess said...

Great zombie hair, make-up and costume. :). Miss u!

Andrew said...

Ian Torrence in a necktie... Sure sign of the Apocalypse. I'm sure Zoroaster was one of the new style, fast-moving zombies, right?

Cindy Goh said...

Nicely done Ian and company! See you in the skies some time.
Cindy Goh - Sausalito