Monday, January 24, 2011

Course Preview: Moab's Red Hot 33K & 55K Trail Races

This weekend's Moab Red Hot 33 and 55 Kilometer course preview provided several runners the opportunity to scout the race's terrain.  As it's name implies, the southern Utah slickrock spires and petrified sand dunes took the shape and glow of red hot embers hiding beneath white caps of snow.  Barring any snow storms between now and race day, the course should be in excellent shape come mid-February.  Race director Chris Martinez took the lead as we explored Moab's backcountry.

Here's a photo tour from this weekend's jaunt:
Special thanks to Sara Wagner and Rob Krar for spicing up the photos herein.

A Moab Scene (Photo by Rob Krar)

Christina Bauer and Sara Wagner enjoy the first climb...mile 1.

Slickrock running...

Race Director Chris Martinez points out to Mike Smith the surrounding scenery.

Yes, the course goes this way...

Flagstaffian's Sara Wagner, Christina Bauer and Mike Smith take a break.

Headed into a slickrock wilderness (photo by Sara Wagner)

Typical course terrain (photo by Sara Wagner)

Dwarfed by the huge petrified sand dunes (photo by Sara Wagner)

The author on Metal Masher, mile 10 (photo by Rob Krar)

A course rarity:  soft tread (photo by Rob Krar)

The final miles have some flatter terrain...

Two miles to go! (photo by Sara Wagner)

The finish:  Poison Spider Trailhead

A day's end:  Clouds and Slickrock (photo by Rob Krar)

Your Moment of Zen...

Would you kill for a glass when the sand fills up your throat?

See ya'll in a month!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Red Rock Canyon Fat Ass Trail Marathon Wrap-Up

Typical Red Rock Canyon Scenery (photo by Robert Baker)

The Class of 2011!  The start of the Red Rock Canyon Fat Ass Trail Marathon (photo by Robert Baker)

Red Rock Canyon Trail Marathon Results
January 8th, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
41 starters

PlaceName   Age Time
1Josh Brimhall353:08
2Shane Peterson323:25
3Justin Nelson333:30
4Shad Mickelberry343:32
5Leland Elmer533:37
6Matt Conners333:39
7Eric Swenson303:49
8Scott Guild394:01
9Bob Redwanc544:17
10Stacy Bracken474:28
11Ron Hammett404:28
12Matt Query344:30
13Cory Johnson464:31
14Robin Smith474:31
15Greg Hewitt544:32
16Mark Ford484:32
17Bradon Gauden334:32
18Adam Wymore334:36
19Peggy Paas394:40
20Alek Ohlhausen334:49
21John Wojciechowski375:05
22James Rapp 535:26
23Matt Zinkgraf325:30
24James Guiry335:32
25Dennis Jensen625:33
26Keith Rhoades445:39
27Eric Starr306:20
28Matthew Stroupe396:37
29Tami Stefanatos447:32
30Barbara Graham457:32
31Amy O'donnell267:32
32Dana Clark437:32
33Paula Raimondi427:32

Heading up Rocky Gap Four-Wheel Drive Road (mile 5'ish) 

Looking up the Rocky Gap 4x4 Road

Red Rock Canyon Fat Ass Trail Marathon:  Descending from Red Rock Summit from Ian Torrence on Vimeo.
The trail at the top of Red Rock Summit (mile 15).

Aid Station Fare.

Britta Rottschy, Karen Weston Vollan & Casey Flanigan volunteer at the one and only aid station (miles 5 and 15).

Drop Bag Central

Josh Brimhall on his way to a 3:08 finish (photo Robert Baker).

Red Rock Canyon Trail Marathon:  Trail under Calico Cliffs from Ian Torrence on Vimeo.
The Trail Below Calico Cliffs (the final miles of the course).

Eric Starr running in with family.

Matthew Stroupe with course sweep, Casey Harney, in tow (Photo R. Baker). 

Brian Tinder always the ham (photo R. Baker).

Utah's Robin Smith (photo R. Baker)

Utah's Stacy Bracken leads the women in 4:28 (photo R. Baker).

Flagstaff's Adam Wymore (photo R. Baker).

Red Rock Canyon Trail Marathon:  Tinder is lost! from Ian Torrence on Vimeo.
This is what happens when you get lost at a trail race.  Brian Tinder curses the race director.

The local ladies stick together for a great time (photo R. Baker).

The Flagstaff contingent:  Wymore, Torrence, Conners & Tinder

Special thanks to our volunteers:  Karen Weston Vollan, Britta Rottschy, Casey Flanigan, Casey Harney, Robert Baker, Josh Brimhall and Brian Tinder.

Special thanks to the Red Rock Canyon NCA Bureau of Land Management for allowing this event to go forward and Red Rock Running Company for the use of equipment.

We look forward to next year's event.  Stay tuned for details.  Thanks for participating everyone!