Friday, March 2, 2012

Interview with

Thanks to Scott Sandow and Eric Schranz of UltraRunnerPodcast for the opportunity to participate in what they've got going on.

Get out your glue sticks and no. 2 pencils, Ian Torrence is going to take you to ultra running school. When Ian isn’t out running and kicking butt and taking names, he is coaching for McMillan Running and helping runners to do the same. We talk to Ian about his background and how to be a better ultra runner. “DING!” The ultra running school bell just rang."

You can hit this link here and listen to my interview in its entirety. Cheers!

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CAB said...

Enjoying the podcast. Didn't manage to find enough time to run as long as you talked tonight. But I'll make it longer tomorrow. The good news? I never decreased my distance or had to recover from my first ultra at the end of January.