Monday, June 17, 2013 Podcast and Interview

I had the great and rare opportunity to sit down with the folks at  In the podcast we discuss, among other things, how to build a bonk proof body.  Go here and listen to the podcast in its entirety.  Thanks and enjoy!


randylimas said...

How about your homemade gel recipe?

MJ said...

I thought it was a drink recipe, maltodextrin based. Think Cordain's Paleo for Athletes had a recipe in it for something similar.

He mentions source on TRN site in comments

Love those tights, gotta look into getting a pair!

Rebecca Merritt said...

Hey Ian,

After listening to your podcast on TRN I realized you were the "Ian" my husband talked about. He worked at Lake Mead with you back in the day. Loved the podcast and love that NPS alumni seem to be ever lurking in the ultra scene!

Rebecca M.
(NOCA NP 01-03) :)

Anonymous said...

Great podcast. Just wondering whether training runs 2 hours or less on an empty stomach lead to any of the same benefits as running longer on an empty stomach. Thanks for the great information.