Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Inaugural Bootlegger 50K

Thanks to all who came out and participated in the first running of the Bootlegger 50K trail race.  We are already looking forward to 2012.  Full results can be found here.

Many, many, many photos were taken on the course (special thanks to Tarl and Carrie Norman for their time out on the course).  Follow the links below to view photos:

We'd also like to thank those who raised donations for Miles for the Wild.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day:

The gang's all here and ready to go.

From one side of the course you can see the prominent Las Vegas Strip...

...and from the other side the desert mountains stretch on forever across southern Nevada and into Arizona and California.

James Bonnett (Scottsdale, AZ) leads David James (also from Scottsdale) and Jesse Haynes (Vista, CA) over the first tight switchbacks.  Bonnett would keep his lead and go on to win in 4:09.  Haynes would finish second in 4:19.

Looking down on Jamil Coury (Tempe, AZ) as he leads Flagstaff runners James Willis and Eric Bohn up the first climb.

Joe Baumgarte from North Las Vegas heads uphill.

Paulette Zillmer, of Scottsdale, AZ, took home $500 after winning the women's race in 5:02 and finishing 9th overall.

Reid Swan leads fellow Flagstaffian Matthew Hintzman and North Las Vegas runner Jared Wicks over rolling terrain.

Flagstaff, AZ's Chris Purslow won the women's master's division.

Steven Smith, of Fort Mohave, AZ and in the white, won the men's master's division.  He's followed here by Matt Koppenheffer of Henderson, NV.

16-year old Alek Dales from Henderson, NV completed the course in 7:25.

Duane Griff (60-years young) from Gainesville, MO tackled the course in 7:40.

Ultra legends Steve Burgess from Madison, MS and Rob Apple (Bootlegger was Rob's 601st ultra finish!) from Murfreesboro, TN stuck together the entire way.

Ultra newbies no more:  Dana Clark follows her Henderson, NV training partner Paula Raimondi to their first ultra finish!

Flagstaff also welcomes another hometown ultra finisher to its ranks:  Joel Axler finishes his first ultra in 5:32.

Gotta like seeing high fives between competitors.

I became efficient at pointing out where the kegs were.  Dan Wachlaczenko finishes and gets great directions to the beer pavilion.

Co-RD Shad Mickelberry handles the timing system.

Stacey and Jason Brimhall volunteer at the POW Aid Station (miles 13 and 28).  A special thanks to all our volunteers!!!

Race sponsor Tenaya Creek Brewery brought the beer for all participating.

Special thanks to Shad Mickleberry (middle), Casey Harney (right) and Red Rock Running Company's owner, race sponsor and impetus for the Bootlegger, Josh Brimhall (not shown).   We'd also like to thank Pearl Izumi for supplying us with participant jackets and prizes.

Your Moments of Zen
or "How is Bootlegger better than the Tour de France?"
(note:  no one was injured in the following photographs...except for the penguin)

At the Tour de France you get kissed by the ladies when you win.  At Bootlegger you meet the lips of a furry canine.

At the Tour de France you have to dodge crazy roadside fanatics.  At Bootlegger you have to dodge crazy trailside fur-balls.  Like here...

...and here.

When you finish the Tour de France you get to pop a bottle of Champaign.  At Bootlegger you are required to play tug-of-war with a deflated penguin.

And like after any ultra, we can agree that the handicapped spot suits us well.


Dave James said...

Ian! Thanks so much for a great weekend! You, Josh, + all the volunteers put on an awesome event!

Missy B. said...

aw, man! so sorry i missed it. next year it will be on my must-do list. glad you guys had a great time! and Zoroaster too! congrats to all the finishers!

Jana said...

Looks like a perfect day and event. Next year... And I have dibs on the penguin as my pacer!

killerdana said...

So happy to get my first 50k in on the trails I love so much! You guys did a great job. Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement. I'm ready for more!

Paul said...

Hey Ian, Great job - and thanks for introducing folks to Miles For The Wild. It's great to think that runners can help protect beautiful country like this for the future!

Joyce Q said...

Ian, thank you to you and all the volunteers, the Bootlegger experience was amazing! The support and encourangement from all of you, including the dog, kept me going with a smile on my face. Thrilled to have completed my frist 50K at Bootlegger, with the help from all of you. Am looking forward to next year!