Saturday, August 6, 2011

Directing the adidas-McMillanElite High School Running Camp

I had the pleasure, honor and difficult task of directing the first annual adidas-McMillanElite High School Running Camp in Flagstaff, Arizona this past week.  Six days of lectures, runs, guest speakers and group trips to locales like the Grand Canyon and the slopes of Mount Humphreys.  In total the camp attracted an enthusiastic collection of 80 campers and staff.  This camp could not have gone forward without the full and elaborate sponsorship from adidas, the incredible support and participation of the McMillanElite coaches and athletes and the long, tiring hours put in by assistant camp director Emily Harrison.

The camp was held on the Northern Arizona University campus.  Each morning we assembled for our group runs here in front of McConnell Hall.

School buses transported our group to places like Flagstaff's Buffalo Park for one of our afternoon runs.

The camp's long run was held on A1 Mountain Road.  Some campers went as far as 16 miles (photo by Tracy McMillan).

 The group took a run through alpine meadows on this Arizona Trail segment at Aspen Corners at 9,000' in the shadow of Humphreys Peak (photo by Tracy McMillan).

Coach Greg McMillan discussed core and strengthening routines with the group.

Amanda Carlson-Phillips (from Phoenix-based Athlete's Performance) taught a nutriton course.

Ben Evans, adidas' Northwest shoe & apparel rep, broke down the in's and out's of running shoes.

2:29 marathoner Stephanie Rothstein acted as one of the many camp counselors.  Here she introduces Dr. Stan Beecham, sports psychologist.

Dr. Stan Beecham lays the framework for a riveting talk on goal setting.  
"Every finish line is a starting line."

"You run with your body.  You race with your mind."

The group absorbed discussions on nutrition, sports psychology, shoe manufacturing, core strength, flexibility, drills and strides, what running life can be like after high school and team work.

 The very cool adidas lounge, set up in the dorm, provided ample excitement when we weren't running or in lecture.  Pop-a-shot, ping pong, Wii, X-box, movies, board games and books were all at our disposal.

Ping pong tournaments!

 The adidas store was open for business and full of new clothing and shoes.

At the Grand Canyon with special guest speaker, Todd Williams!

At Grandview Point with Dr. Stan Beecham.

Cibola High School (Yuma, AZ) with counselor Jordan Horn (orange shirt) and head coach Kris Norton (in sunglasses).

A job well done!  Campers and staff are all smiles on the last day!


Jana said...

All the work paid off. Congrats. The first year is always the hardest. Now the systems are all in place for future camps.

bflygirl said...

I love the last pic, you look tired but very proud. Predict those young runners will go on to become very accomplished athletes! :)

Kurt said...

Looked like fun, nice job Ian!! Plus the one and only T-Will to boot. Man one tuff dude. Back in the early to mid 90's I thought he was the king. Keep it up helping all runners young and old reach for the stars.

Rennaker said...

Congratulations dude. Looks amazing!