Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flag Brew

 Can one wax sentimental about a bar?  Sure!  Here's two great examples...

Norm Peterson does it in Cheers.  

Jack Torrance (um, yeah, no relation) does it in The Shining.

And here's an ode to my favorite hang-out...Flagstaff Brewery.

See the sign?  Now you know you've found the right place!

Patio sittin' at Flag Brew on a summer afternoon can not be beat!

No worries, in the winter it's warm and cozy inside.

Beer aways flows from behind the long bar that looks out onto Historic Route 66 and the old Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

A series of paintings adorn the interior walls.  There's a Watership Down motif.  Here's the Badger.

This one's my favorite.  The "Psychedelic Hare", as I fondly refer to it, overlooked my favorite indoor table before the paintings were rotated.

The Warthog.

The Stag.

Live music four days a week!  Also the setting of the famous Party on the Patio, or as a close friend once referred to it:  "Patty on the Partio."

But most importantly, it's a place of many important gatherings.

A place where friends come together to indulge in great food, drink and conversation.


Eric Bohn said...

No moment of zen??? You should post a photo of the ever present dog(s) that are tied up to the fence railing...another summertime constant at FBC!

Anonymous said...

all of that and you did not even mention the ping pong table. :)

Ian said...

Utter the words "ping pong table" at Flag Brew and be prepared to lose precious wads of cash!