Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moab's Red Hot 55K - The Year of the Wind

As always, the journey to Moab is something special.  It is a time to see old friends and visit old haunts.  It was excellent to see a large contingent of Flagstaff runners in attendance.  This year's Red Hot was punctuated with some fierce headwinds (maybe 30mph gusts) that never seemed to blow at my back and hasten my arrival to the famous Red Hot post-race party.  

Race Director Chris Martinez readies the runners at the start line.  (photo courtesy of Anita Ortiz)

The first climb, 400 meters into the race.  (Photo courtesy of ShotU. net)

Mile 3, below the Gooney Bird.  (photo by ShotU. net)

Mile 10, overlooking the start line (photo courtesy of ShotU. net)

Aid Station #4, atop Gold Bar Rim (mile 21).  Provided by Moab Friends for Wheelin 4x4 Club. (photo  courtesy of ShotU. net)

Looking down from Gold Bar Rim onto Route 191.

Looking for Aid Station #5 (mile 28) among the endless miles of the petrified sand dunes. (photo courtesy of ShotU. net)

Wishing and hoping in the final miles that "the" Poison Spider would just go ahead and eat me already!

Trudging along the Poison Spider Trail a few miles from the finish.  (photo by ShotU. net)

In her ultra debut, Sara Wagner (pictured here), of Flagstaff, placed fourth overall in the women's 55K race.  Elizabeth Davis, also of Flag, placed second overall in the women's 33K.  (photo by Elizabeth Davis)

Your Moment of Zen

Corona Arch in black and white.

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Karl Jarvis said...

Nice! wish I could have made it there, but it looks pretty cold too.