Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of the Year in Photos

Best of..."Races of 2010"

May - Sky Mesa Marathon (CO)

 February - Pemberton Trail 50K (AZ)

 June - Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (CA)

 April - Zane Grey Highline 50 Mile (AZ)

 February - Volunteering at the Sedona Marathon (AZ)

September - the Inaugural Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run (OR)

August - Pine to Palm course scouting with the race director Hal Koerner and eventual winner Tim Olson

September - A Southern Oregon Beer Mile

August - Leadville Trail 100 Mile, pacing Hal Koerner (CO)

February - Pemberton Trail 50K, Josh Brimhall and Hal Koerner do battle for top honors.

September - Run on the Sly 50K (CA)

Best of..."Faces of 2010"

Halloween - Eric Bohn, Torrence and Brian Tinder (or is that Torrence again?)

Mesquite Canyon 50K - Tinder, Torrence, Bohn and Bret Sarnquist

A 21-mile loop in Sedona, AZ - Scott Jurek, Joe Grant, James Willis, Trent Briney, Tinder

Zane Grey Road Trip - Scott Mason, Larry O'Neil, Karl Meltzer, Torrence

Backyard BBQ

New Assistant Coaching Responsibilities - Tracy and Greg McMillan, Torrence

A Winter Grand Canyon Trip with Nick and Jamil Coury

The Langoliers Return, JFK 50 Mile - Front: Tinder and Bohn.  Rear:  Eric Clifton and Torrence

The morning of Western States: Torrence, Tinder and Olson

Best of..."Scenes of 2010"

Colton Crater and the Peaks

The La Sals and Moab Slickrock

A morning run on the Kachina Trail

On top of California:  White Mountain Peak

The trails outside of Kirkland, CA with my brother-in-law, Duane Miller

The Grand Canyon - The Bright Angel Trail in January

Flagstaff's Blizzard of 2010

Best of..."2010 Team USA Arizona"

Paige Higgins and Coach Greg McMillan

Andrew Middleton drafts Trent Briney on Lake Mary Road

Coming and Going:  The Men & Women of Team USA Arizona

Sedona Track: Andrew Lemoncello, Brett Gotcher, Martin Fagan & Andrew Carlson

Lemoncello & Higgins

Coach McMillan records splits.

Mr. Sub-4:  Jordan Horn

Carlson enjoys post US National 25K victory beverages.

Working in Buffalo Park:  Lemoncello, Fasil Bizuneh, Fagan

Emily Harrison and Natasha LaBeaud on the Mountain Shadows Loop

Fasil and James Carney on the Mtn. Shadows Loop

Coach McMillan films the athletes.

Men of Team USA Arizona on a Long Run on FS Road 222.

Women of McMillanElite.

The start of a Lake Mary Road Tempo Run.

Fagan and Gotcher are off!

Another stunning day in Sedona.

Best of..."Your Moment of Zen 2010"

 Caged Furry Fury

 Monument Valley at Dusk

 I'd rather have chicken, but this will do.

Andrew Lemoncello properly demonstrates Nintendo's new game "Guitar Puppy".


Jess Miller said...

Looks like it was a good year had by all, including Z.

Scott Keeps Running said...

love caged furry fury :)

Fixated on the Trail said...

Priceless! Great memories!

Rennaker said...

Sweet pics, man!

Anonymous said...

Great year man! Cant wait to be on the team with ya.
Best of luck on 2011!

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome photo's really reinforces the reason for getting my online sports management masters.