Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sharing Pearls of Wisdom on

This is very exciting!  It's been a while but I'm taking a step back into the "professional" writing world.  So far so good!  Here are my first two training articles for Running Times.  I hope they help you rise to the next level!  Enjoy!

Mastering Hills, Part II: Descents


Melissa Schweisguth said...

Congrats and thanks for sharing your incredible running expertise and great writing. You're definitely on an uphill streak - keep it up!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Thanks for the great articles.

Andrew said...

Great content, Ian! I especially appreciated all your links to additional info. The Jay Johnson kettle bell workout looks sweet!

Rennaker said...

See you in 3 weeks dude.

Jessica said...

Next time, you should go with the Jess Torrence Miller leg strengthening and corrective exercise routines. I hear she rocks! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love running hill's! It's a lot of work, but with the right training you can start to enjoy running.

Daniel Prevett said...

Great articles. I've just finished a 10k in the Valles Caldera (near Los Alamos, NM) and I definitely need to work on my uphill running. In your article on climbing, you say:

"Short hill repeats are the bread and butter of most training programs."

Should short hill repeats be done once a week then?

Thanks for the content.

Ian said...


Thanks for the question. How often should hill repeats be including in a training program? The answer will depend on your goal. Seems like you've fully committed to the trails, at least for awhile, due to your tendonitis.

If more trail races are in your future, I suggest that you make hill work a regular part of your training regime. Once a week isn't a bad idea for starters (especially if it is a weakness)...simply substitute your track or normal speed work for the hill work. You'll quickly gain hill climbing strength and once this happens you can then include hard uphill running into your longer runs. Then you can fall back into some flatter speed work (in order to stay sharp) once you gain a handle on the uphills.

I hope that helps. All the best!

Daniel Prevett said...


Thanks for the info, it helps a lot. As for the trails, I did start running them because of the tendonitis, but I'm going to keep running them because I enjoy trail running *so much* more than road running. So yeah, plenty more trail races in my future. With plenty of hills. :)

Best of luck on the 26th. Plenty of hills in that one, I hear.

Thanks again,