Monday, January 25, 2010

A Long Time Coming...

The most difficult task is that task performed alone.

Teamwork undoubtedly brings about the best outcome.  It provides a safety net; a refuge.  Teamwork allows for different perspectives and angles that may have been overlooked to surface and be contemplated.  This union also allows each member to learn from the other.  Each member comes away wiser and evolved as the goal grows nearer.

As I have progressed in my running career, I've experienced much and learned lots.  My richest moments have been when I've shared those moments with a fellow runner, coach or loved one.  By including others in what I'm doing I've enriched my experience and, hopefully, their's as well.  Rarely are you the only individual who's experienced what you have just went through.  Utilizing what others have observed and learned and applying that to your own situation is one of the best self-improvment methods.  I've benefited greatly, both in my running and life-related situations, from insight gleaned from those around me; those who've been on my team.

This time its my turn to share what I've learned and gathered over my twenty-five years of running.  I'm excited to put to test my knowledge and experience toward a sport that has captured the attention of a relatively new and passionate growing number of runners.  I am equally as thrilled to continue to build on my own skill set as I work closely with different athletes and mentors.  The opportunity to do so has presented itself (thanks Greg)!

So let's get this ball rolling...

I'm proud to introduce:  Personal On-Line Ultramarathon Coaching with Ian Torrence.


Rennaker said...

Congrats Ian!!!

but we still miss you in cAshland

Rogue Valley Runners said...

You're knowledge and passion have carried you far my friend. It would be wise of most folks to heed your advice, they would find themselves going a long way with it.

I know you motivation this runner a long time ago purely through your actions, this is no different and you certainly have a gift for communicating.

I'll be sending all inquiries your way!