Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looping Sedona Again

Last year we discovered this fantastic loop in Sedona, AZ.  At 19 miles in length, the trip circumnavigates Wilson Mountain, crosses over three passes (Brins, Sterling, and Wilson) and through the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness Area.  Spring was in the air and Tinder reminded me that it was time for this annual pilgrimage.  Here's a link to the Garmin data for this run.

The Rag-Tag Fugitive Fleet:  (left to right) Jamil Coury, Brian Tinder, Scott Bajer, Liz Davis, Christina Bauer, Zoroaster, Rob Krar.

The conga line dancing up the first climb to Brins Mesa.

Atop Brins Mesa.

Liz Davis happy to be done with climb number one.

Down the backside of Brins Mesa.

A coveted water stop, in another month these won't exist.

Refueling on Dry Creek Road.

Running towards Vultee Arch and Sterling Pass.

Regrouping atop climb number two:  Sterling Pass.

Looking down from Sterling Pass through the matchsticks created by the 2006 Brins Fire.

The 2006 Brins Fire burns to the summit of Wilson Mountain. (photo by David Sunfellow)

The tilted group tucked into narrow Sterling Pass.

Running across the broad shoulder of Wilson Mountain and the top of climb number three.

Looking down over a hazy Sedona and the Midgley Bridgely (the start and finish point for this run).

Your Moment of Zen-aster

Only two days after the Sedona run described above, winter regained its foot hold on northern Arizona.  As you can see, some of us were happy about that.


Tinder said...

I just clicked on my name! Damn you Torrence! If you would stop feeding me beer!

bob said...

Nice job guys, I'd like to do that run with you all next time you come down to Sedona.
What a difference a couple of days make.


olga said...

So, with all your pics and posts we just picked a place for an early retirement. And will be coming to check it out at the end of May. I'll email later asking suggestion for a 2-3 day backpacking route with hopefully water involved:)

CAB said...