Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 2011 Pearl Izumi Ultrarunning Team Summit

It was at the 1998 edition of the Vermont 100 Mile that I was approached by Montrail's Scott McCoubrey and asked if I'd be interested in running with the Montrail Ultrarunning Team.  To join the likes of Tim Twietmeyer, Ben Hian, Steve Smucker, Dave Terry, Brandon Sybrowsky and Scott Jurek was but an honor.  I remained with the Montrail Team for almost 8 years, even managing the team for a brief year while working at Montrail's Seattle office.  Then Adam Chase offered me a spot on Team Solomon.  Then it was up to Ashland, Oregon where I donned Rogue Valley Runner green for several years and ran with on a low-key, loosely built team consisting of Hal Koerner, Jenn Shelton, Erik Skaggs, Todd Ragsdale, Neil Olsen, John Leuthold and Chris Rennaker to name but a few. 

Once again I find myself teamed up with some of the best in the country; the Pearl Izumi Ultrarunning Team.  As of 2011, I now stand side by side with another dynamic and talented group of folks consisting of Nick Clark, Darcy Africa, Ashley Nordell, Josh Brimhall, Timothy Olson, Scott Jamie, Aric Manning and Kody Riley.  To get the ball rolling, we all met this past weekend at Pearl Izumi's Headquarters in Louisville, CO for a unique team summit.  Lots was accomplished in the four day venture.  Here's a peak at what was covered:

The 2011 Pearl Izumi Ultrarunning Team:  (from left to right) Kody Riley, Josh Brimhall, Ian Torrence, Nick Clark, Ashley Nordell, Darcy Africa, Scott Jamie, Timothy Olson, Aric Manning  (photo by Robert Kunz)

Pearl Izumi's Moto

Clothes and shoes, at all stages of development, litter the hallways.

Pearl Izumi's staff bike rack.  It is evident they practice what they preach.

Escaping the meeting rooms for a snowy Colorado trail run.  (photo by Aric Manning)

Mike Thompson, Pearl's Run Footwear Product Line Manager, talks about what's new in shoes.

As Robert Kunz of First Endurance gives us the run down on the product line as Tim Olson builds a balanced nutrition regimen.

Dale Fleckenstein, from High Gear, brought a boat load of goodies to display, explain and share.

So...Who is Team Pearl Izumi?
Simply click on their names to see them a little more up close and personal.

Ashley Nordell (photo from Pearl Izumi Ultrarunning Team website)

And there you have it.  (photo by Eric Wynn)


Missy B. said...

congratulations! what a great group you all are. best to everyone for the 2011 season.

FastED said...

Oh I see you put the one up of me "posing"?

good to hang out with you! See you in the ditch next month.

saschasdad said...

Cool to see you're running for Pearl, Ian! Nice touch w/the personalized race jerseys.