Sunday, February 13, 2011

Double Duty

Sedona Marathon & Half-Marathon
2/12/11, 7am
Sedona, AZ

Round one began early Saturday morning with the Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association at the Sedona Marathon & Half.  Like previous years, we supplied liquids and encouragement at Aid Station 5 for 800 runners on Boynton Pass Road.

Flagstaff's Brian Tinder dwarfed by Sedona red rock. (photo by Bruce Higgins)

"Bob Marley" and "Big Hair Man" prepare aid station goodies.

Choose your color!

Mixing the Heed.

Getting water to the faster runners is sometimes a skill in and of itself.

Beverage sir?

Bret Sarnquist grabs the next batch of drink.

Jason Wolfe wins another Sedona Marathon.

Quality service with top hat and coat! (photo by Neil Weintraub)

Your Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association aid station volunteers. (photo by Neil Weintraub)

More photos can be found on the NATRA web site.

Pemberton Trail 50 Kilometer Trail Run
2/12/11, 4pm
Fountain Hills, AZ

Round two took Zoroaster and me further south to the desert mountains outside of Fountain Hills, AZ, and the Pemberton Trail 50K.  We glow-sticked the first five miles of the course and assisted Ric Hatch at his aid station for the night 50K and the 100+ runners that braved the night.

Sun sets on the Arizona landscape in McDowell State Park.

Mile 5.3 and 20.5 - "Ric's Roost"

The location of "Ric's Roost".

Ric Hatch completes the final preparation of the aid station.

Josh Brimhall, followed by David James, wins his fifth Pemberton.  Josh, you must have an awesome coach!

Runners take advantage of service with a smile.

Good times at dusk on loop one!

Busy place!

Ric awaits the next customer.

Night falls, temperatures plummet, things quiet down, teeth chatter and the propane lamp becomes our warming fire.

Your Moments of Zen

Confirmation that dogs really do smile...happy to have a stick and be in the Sedona sun!

Part of your 2011 Pemberton Trail 50K course marking team.

This day has been way too long (20 hours) and I'm cold and hungry!


CAB said...

The location alone is reason for me to keep increasing my distance. I'll get there sooner than later, I think - although I fear I don't understand the word "elevation" yet.

I may finally get up to a 50K distance by this time next year. Then, I'll take you up on the Las Vegas red rock FA.

Paulette Jo said...

Thanks for being out there at Pemberton!! I think on the second loop, I begged for a burrito! LOL!

Missy B. said...

poor baby Zoroaster! what a busy day you guys had. i'm sure it was much appreciated by all involved.

Rennaker said...

Nice top hat, itgoes! Nice work Josh! Looks like a good course.

Sergio Valles said...

I am pretty sure that because of landscapers in Sedona this marathon is somehow made possible.

the running path is excellent

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