Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 2011 JFK 50 Mile

The 49th running of the JFK 50 Mile brought me across the country from my high altitude Arizona home to Maryland, the state in which I was born and raised.  It's a pilgrimage I've taken part in since I ran JFK in 1994.   No matter where I happen to be in life, physically and mentally, JFK is that one beacon that solidifies my plans each year in mid-November.  Hard to believe that I've been at attendance for this event for nearly half my life.

Results for all 864 finishers can be found here.

I'd like to thank Derek Schultz for the photos you're about to witness.

The 2011 edition of JFK underway through the streets of Boonsboro, Maryland.

My training partner and Flagstaff, AZ resident Brian Tinder comes off the trails on his way to the Canal.

Eric Clifton ran a 5:46:22 at JFK in 1994, a course record that stood for 17 years.  He is crewed here by his wife Noni Nierenberg.

The final, rocky steps of the Appalachian Trail.

Cincinnati's David Riddle on his way to the win and a new JFK course record:  5:40:45.

Prolific marathon and ultra -stud Michael Wardian fought Riddle all day only to fall short by a few minutes.

Covering the miles on the C&O Canal.

On the women's side, Meghan Arbogast put her vast ultra and marathon experience to work and gave chase all day...

...but Wisconsin's Cassie Scallon proved herself a worthy opponent by finishing 4 minutes ahead of Arbogast in 6:31:22.

Running with good company (Emily Harrison and Derek Schultz) over the last few miles of road.

Running into Downsville (4 miles to go).

Finally, the finish chute:  7:24:15.

A warm congratulations from Race Director Mike Spinnler.

Celebratory hugs from Emily Harrison.

Team "Waiting for the Train":  Brian Tinder, Eric Clifton & Ian Torrence

My 17th JFK finish in the books!

Special thanks to Derek and Emily for adding the giddy-up to my step, Mike Spinnler for keeping this event alive and well, and to the hundreds of volunteers that keep the oldest and largest ultramarathon in the country running smoothly.  I'm looking forward to JFK's 50th anniversary next year!

Your Moment of Zen

After four days of driving across the country and crewing a 50 mile race this is all I'd want to do too.


Jay D said...

Nice race - sounds like it went much better for you this year .

Meghan Arbogast said...

Nice work Ian! I'm sorry we didn't connect. Hope to see you in 2012 somewhere.

Jessica said...

So awesome! Great pictures! Congratulations, brother! Enjoy your Thanksgiving...wish I could be there. Love you!

Olga said...

17th time, holly cow...that's longevity.

Jana said...

Congratulations. Great recap and photos. Your longevity is really impressive.

Dave James said...

Great job Ian!

Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

Congrats on #17! I have a lot of respect for that after running it for the first time on Saturday. What an amazing experience.

CAB said...

Fellow Buffalo runners spotted Cassie a few days later hanging out at the NCAA cross country nationals in Indiana. Our group tends to head over to nationals to run from spot to spot on the course during the event as one of our unofficial runs.

Still getting encouraged by your reports to try one of these ultra things.

Alberto said...

Congratulations Ian! Great article and pictures! You don't get to run in shorts and t-shirt in November, over here :-) ..