Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where the Earth Threw Up!

Where I ventured this morning was a bit reminiscent of that movie 2012.  Just the name of my destination alone has always intrigued me:  Fondly called Shit Pot Crater by the locals, but renamed SP Crater by bashful cartographers.  And here's why:

"When viewed from certain angles on the ground, the combination of the smooth round shape of the cone, the dark lava spatter on the rim, and the long dark lava flow extruding from the base do indeed resemble a toilet catastrophe." -- Wikipedia

It was time I traveled north of Flagstaff and checked out Mother Nature's masterpiece.  When you think volcano, SP Crater is the epitome of excellence...they couldn't do any better in the movies.  Here's the journey via photo:

Obviously not my photo, but it gives you the setting.  A great aerial view of SP Crater and its lava flow; the destination of this Sunday run.

The long, flat road run into SP Crater.  SP Crater is in the center here and six miles distant.

The San Francisco Peaks (Mt. Humphrey's is the tallest and most snow covered) as viewed en route to SP Crater.  Not too many trees over here!

Typical wildlife found as you cross Babbitt Ranch lands on the way to SP.

Looking up towards SP Crater's summit cone while on the approach.

Looking from SP's summit over to its neighbor, Colton Crater.  Definitely a much more violent eruption.  The San Francisco Peaks set the backdrop.

The Four-Mile Long SP Lava Flow (as seen from its summit).  Classically cool!

Looking down (sort of) into SP's Caldera.

And Now Your Two Moments of Zen...

Biggest Beer Can in the World (cattle watering tower).

Zoroaster shows off her new, glorious cow pie necklace.  Oh, she's so smug!

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Jessica said...

Hilarious! Great Pictures. Z just had to roll in the Babbit Ranch "wildlife" poo, didn't she?