Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A week in Review: Three Tempos, the Agassiz Uphill, One Long Run, One Team Dinner and an AlterG

So without further ado...a photo montage of the week:


Player one:  Paige Higgins on Lake Mary Road, two miles into a 15-mile tempo.

Paige looking good on her way to the LA Marathon.

Paige is done and Coach Greg McMillan discusses the work accomplished.


Player one:  Ireland's Martin Fagan

Player two:  Scottland's Andrew Lemoncello

Pre-tempo run round-table discussion led by Coach Greg McMillan.

Martin and Lemon head down Lake Mary Road in the early miles.

These guys are moving!

A job well done, even if they do say so themselves.

Half of Fagan's infamous tattoo collage.


Player one:  Andrew Middleton

Player two:  Trent Briney

Player three:  David Nilsson

Trent leads Middle.

The boys head down the all too familiar Lake Mary Road.

Middle leads Trent.

Done and done!

Not the best conditions for runnin' 5:20 pace.


Costumes are encouraged!

Runners line up at the start line at the Arizona Snow Bowl.

Jared Scott wins the three or four mile race that included blizzard like conditions and a huge climb/ descent below the summit of Mount Agassiz.

Sara Wagner wins the ladies race.

Some folks are just plain crazy!

You could pick your own mode of transportation.  Running shoes and microspikes, snowshoes, or skies.

Music and food awaited runners within the warm lodge at the finish.


Oh the joy!  No snow...fresh dirt for me to plant my foot!

Greg McMillan talks about the successful keys of running to a group of high schoolers from Marin Academy (California) after the morning's run.

The talk is so good, even Zoroaster stays tuned in.

The rest of the Team mingles post-run.

Greg with Liz Fagan-Gottlieb (one of Marin Academy's coaches).  For those ultrarunning geeks:  Liz has won Way Too Cool 50K and the Quad Dipsea twice.  It was great to see a familiar face amongst all the road and track athletes!

THE, what's that?

Jimmy Bean demonstrates Team USA Arizona's newest "team member":  The AlterG.

Ian Burrell (El Burro) takes the first spin on the new AlterG.

Here's all you need to know about the McMillan AlterG:


My first Team dinner:  It was hard for me to visualize how big the Team really was until everyone assembled in one spot at the same time.  Impressive!


We'd be remiss if we didn't supply you with your Moment of Zen entitled:  Gentle Dog Kisses


Tracy said...

love it

trent said...

nice work mcgee! :)

Anonymous said...

too bad AlterG can't prove any of their claims of medical benefits. 5 years in business and nothing but case studies from PT's, not MD's, nor IRB studies. Disappointing for something that might have real benefits, or not.